13 Apr 2012

Time to vote...

Les Chimeres
It's nearly time for the urns to be installed in all the Mairies of France, the hoardings are already in place for each party's posters; petit à petit information will be available for the BIG DAY next Sunday, decisive first round. Each eligible voter receives an envelope full of flyers, info, lists of candidates etc by post BUT the Mairie has piles and piles as well (an environmental issue for the greens should they ever be in charge?).
Unlike in UK, one doesn't DO or write anything, just put your choice in the envelope and then in the sealed urn..to the cry of "a voté'. If, of course, you are French...maybe one day we'll be able to as longterm residents? Meanwhile, watch from the sidelines....

11 Apr 2012

What's on in Puylaroque..Portatz et venetz

Les Chimeres
With spring on the way..despite the hail and thunder storms yesterday!.. everyone's jettisoning woollies and planning parties and events, keeping fingers crossed for clement weather...
First on the agenda is the "Portatz et Venetz" organised by the Comité des Fêtes, where people bring a dish , cutlery & crockery and share the ensuing meal. Quite amazing that not everyone brings the same dish...unlike at Les Chimères a few years ago: my son's birthday and of the 92 people invited, not ONE person brought owt else but tabouleh..hey, a tabouleh party! Much fun had by all regardless.

1 Apr 2012


Les Chimères, Puylaroque, SW France
NOW ONLINE! new website with CORRECT e-mail address! NOT the one under ' lisanne.ashton.free.fr ' ALTHOUGH you can link through via that old site.....