30 Jul 2012

C'est la fête!

Les Chimères, Puylaroque, SW France

 The village fete means streets swept, illuminations up and the dodgems come to town.... it's always held the last weekend in July and starts on Friday night with a 'retraite aux flambeaux' ie. kids have burning torches or Chinese lanterns and everyone tours the narrow streets accompanied by live musicians. Then there's a dance in the village hall. On Saturday around 200 people eat an 4 course evening meal, usually outside but this year storms threatened,so we were inside; all organised (and served!) by the hard working, tireless members of the Fete committee.Then it's the rumba, polka, waltz and maybe salsa till the small hours... Sunday midday sees a wreath placed on the war memorial followed by the ubiquitous 'apéritifs' and a vintage car display with yet another group for the dance in the evening. Monday seems so..o.oo quiet afterwards!

20 Jul 2012

14th July aka Bastille Day

Les Chimères, Puylaroque,SW France

'Put out more flags!'

 The war monument tidied up, tricolour flags at its corners as well as posters done,the wreath ordered and supply of bottles topped up by yours truly...yep, we're ready for THE big day in France!
After the speech by the Mayor and tunes from the brassband, it's time for a 'verre de l'amitié' (glass of friendship) in the salle des fêtes.
In the evening the fete committee took over with a disco/barbie and then when night fell everyone went up to the watertower to watch the fireworks; fingers crossed by the councillors responsible that no fires resulted from the sparks in drought affected nearby fields...........
A memorable day, commemorated throughout France. 
Check out all the pics on 14th July

12 Jul 2012

My son's the singer in the band..........

Les Chimères, Puylaroque,SW France

OK, happened in Paris NOT Puylaroque BUT, my son Lewis lived here for  his formative years so although not 'pure souches'  (pure blood) Puylaroquaine, entitled to say he comes from here...............

Live concert 30th June in Pigalle by group Rio Nebulane ....can hear tracks written and sung by my son Lewis on soundcloud

or on Facebook

 or enter 'rio nebulane' on Google

 and to see pics of concert go to


Culture in the country?

Les Chimères, Puylaroque,SW France

Yes, it exists!

Last Saturday, in the 'salle des fêtes' a local theatre company 'Quercy Productions', put on a play by Molières "Le médecin malgré lui" (Doctor despite himself) and although the audience wasn't enormous, everyone appreciated live theatre in their village.

The Beatles live on in Puylaroque......

Les Chimères, Puylaroque,SW France

Juan Frutos

Lamollinairie, Frutos, Desmard

... in a painting!
3 local artists had an exhibition in early July in the Citadel organised by the Friends of the library club. Each year they invite an artist, or group, to exhibit their work.
 Two years ago it was Jean Suzanne, an internationally renowned sculptor and in 2011 there were 2 exhibitons...Beatrice Tebaldi, jewellery, stained glass & dressmaker as well as yours truly in an exhibition entitled 'It's a family affair' with works by 6 family members ...all art school trained.
Estelle Desmard
Estelle Desmard

Jean Suzanne
Beatrice Tebaldi

Lisanne Ashton & family

Lisanne Ashton & family

11 Jul 2012

Les Chimères, Puylaroque,SW France

Just learnt about Loomji.fr...a site all about communes in France...you can click to discover details about virtually any village : number of inhabitants, info, hotels etc etc