20 Jul 2012

14th July aka Bastille Day

Les Chimères, Puylaroque,SW France

'Put out more flags!'

 The war monument tidied up, tricolour flags at its corners as well as posters done,the wreath ordered and supply of bottles topped up by yours truly...yep, we're ready for THE big day in France!
After the speech by the Mayor and tunes from the brassband, it's time for a 'verre de l'amitié' (glass of friendship) in the salle des fêtes.
In the evening the fete committee took over with a disco/barbie and then when night fell everyone went up to the watertower to watch the fireworks; fingers crossed by the councillors responsible that no fires resulted from the sparks in drought affected nearby fields...........
A memorable day, commemorated throughout France. 
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