12 Jul 2012

The Beatles live on in Puylaroque......

Les Chimères, Puylaroque,SW France

Juan Frutos

Lamollinairie, Frutos, Desmard

... in a painting!
3 local artists had an exhibition in early July in the Citadel organised by the Friends of the library club. Each year they invite an artist, or group, to exhibit their work.
 Two years ago it was Jean Suzanne, an internationally renowned sculptor and in 2011 there were 2 exhibitons...Beatrice Tebaldi, jewellery, stained glass & dressmaker as well as yours truly in an exhibition entitled 'It's a family affair' with works by 6 family members ...all art school trained.
Estelle Desmard
Estelle Desmard

Jean Suzanne
Beatrice Tebaldi

Lisanne Ashton & family

Lisanne Ashton & family

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